portable toilet delivered by truck to construction site

For your site to operate safely and efficiently, it needs quality facilities to function and support its workers. Whether you’re a Builder or Developer starting a new project, you’ll need facilities for your workers. From toilets and fencing to a mini site office and power – Viking Rentals are the specialists in facility hire to the construction industry nationwide and we have a range of retail and corporate rates to suit builders of all sizes. You can view our catalogue of products and services here.  Here are The big 4 Construction Site Facilities that your site will definitely need:

Sanitary Conveniences

This includes toilets, showers, wash rooms and access to soap and water. It’s essential that your workers have access to clean and sanitary toilets to go when they need to go. View our construction site catalogue here .

Temporary Fencing

When a fence is required on an interim basis for, public safety or security, crowd control, or theft deterrence. It can also be used as construction hoarding or advertising hoarding for privacy by adding mesh or banner signage. our fence panels also provide great protection for at risk trees on your site. View examples here.

Power Poles

Power is absolutely vital for any construction site. Whether you are building on a reclaimed site or doing a major renovation to an existing property we can provide a solution for you. We can even help  organise connection for you if required. Contact Viking Rentals today to learn more about the site prerequisites. Make and enquiry here.

Mini Site Offices

Some construction sites may benefit from a mini office where admin can be taken care of. Your site manager can have a space to liaise with suppliers, take phone calls or organise team meetings. Viking Rentals offer mini site offices which are ideal for tight sites. They’re air conditioned, have a toilet, skylight, desk and power outlets. They can also be used to secure tool storage. View our catalogue here.


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