2020, the year we will all never forget.

Like most companies and businesses around the world, it was one very unexpected and disparate year for Viking Rentals.

Viking Rentals was lucky to have survived through the pandemic and economic downturn as well as we did.

Unfortunately, our event side of the business suffered, as you could imagine. It was a moment in history most staff in our office will not forget, all sitting down in front of a computer screen, watching the live moment Scott Morrison announced the tough restrictions on events, social gatherings, and the normality of everyday life.

The weekend prior our team had bumped in for Ultra Music Festival in Melbourne, who could have imagined this would be our last and largest event we would supply during 2020. Our estimated 1500 events booked in for that year, soon dropped down to under 500, all of which were actually event facilities being ordered for Hospitals, Covid testing facilities and essential businesses that would require extra hygiene facilities, such as hand wash stations and sanitizer stands.

We benefited greatly within the construction hire division of our business, many factors contributed to this, such as the construction industry being considered as an essential service, which kept most of our customers and staff employed and eligible to continue on with everyday duties and work. Existing customers began requesting additional servicing on their facilities, to maintain a higher level of hygiene due to the spread of Covid-19.

Viking Portable Toilets became the perfect facility to hire on sites during the Covid period, as all of our toilets are fitted with soup dispensers and hands free flush and washbasin, this made our toilets a standout compared to our competitors who did not have these functions available in their facilities.

Now having made our way into 2021, Viking are seeing a massive demand for portable toilets, temporary fencing and temporary power poles, due to the government introduced “new home builder grants” and “economic stimulus packages” seeing Home Builders & Renovators inundated with new orders.

We have bought an extensive order of new toilets, Trucks and have hired more staff to cope with the upcoming demand, to ensure uninterrupted supply for all of our customers.

2020 is behind us now, thankfully, and Viking Rentals are equipped and ambitious to continue conquering the portable hire industry through 2021 and onwards

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